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How can I recover deleted respondents?


I may have deleted some respondets from my data section that would still be useful for my study. I downloaded all the data before doing that. Is it possible to recover the deleted respondets to my data section in Sawtooth Lighthouse Studio?

Thank you!
asked Mar 3, 2019 by Ulrike
Did you reset your survey or otherwise delete the data from your admin module?

If you did and you hosted with Sawtooth Software, you can reach out to hosting@sawtoothsoftware.com with your survey's hosting details and we should be able to help you get backups of your data.
I deleted the data manually from my admin module.
I did my hosting with Sawtooth Software.
So in this case, I write to the email address above?

Thank you very much.
Yes, please contact our hosting team so that might assist you in getting backups.

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