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not applicable in grid

I have a grid question named A4 that has the first column of numeric responses and the second column is all "don't know" responses.

Is there a way to make it so the respondent has to enter a numeric response in like row 1 column 1 or check the "don't know response in row 1 column 2
asked Mar 5 by kaitlan
If I might add another option, "Not Applicable: Per Variable" from the Community Question Library may be of use to you:


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I have not checked by running this but you can write something like below jquery in the footer section of your question to achieve the same,
var temp1;
var temp2;
    temp1 = this.id;
    var temparr=temp1.split('_');
        SSI_SetSelect(temp2, false);                                 

function SSI_CustomGraphicalCheckbox(GraphicalCheckboxObj, InputObj, blnCheck){
    if(blnCheck == true){
        temp1 = InputObj.name;
        var temparr=temp1.split('_');

VInay AG.
answered Mar 5 by Vinay Agrawal Bronze (680 points)
edited Mar 7 by Vinay Agrawal
Thank you... so this kind of works

If I check the "don't know/not applicable" box first and then enter a value in the numeric column, the box becomes unchecked.

But if I enter a number first, then check the box I am still allowed to do both.

Any thoughts on how to modify this so that I am forced to either enter just the number or check the box?

I have just updated the code. Just try this one and let me know if it can fulfill your requirement.