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How to implement regret minimization model?

Hello! I’m working on a conjoint experiment (CBC) and would like to try a simulation using the Random Regret Minimization (RRM) model. I’ve read several papers on the model and understand how it works in theory, but I’m struggling to implement it in the software.

My understanding is that there is a design matrix that needs to be recoded before the HB (Analysis) step is performed? I think I understand how to do the recoding (the Sawtooth paper explained this pretty well), but I’m not clear on where/how this is input into the software.

Would anyone who has implemented this model be willing to provide some practical advice, or has anyone come across something more like a practical tutorial rather than an academic paper? Thanks so much!

~Tracey D-M
asked Mar 7, 2019 by TraceyDM (120 points)

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