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Download RP and SP data from Sawtooth

i would like to ask the following question.
I need to extract my data from Sawtooth. These  data concern RP and SP.
Since these data need to be cleaned (not all responses are complete), i have first used a .csv file  for RP data.
Now i need the SP. Can i extract these data to a .csv file?
And, then how RP and SP data can be combined?
Is any key which connects these two types of data?

Please bear in mind that i am going to use first SPSS for descriptive statistics but then in order to develop my discrete choice models i am going to use Python, which means that these two types of data, RP and SP will be entered into a software system, which can be panda.

I hope that i have given a clear description of my problem.
I am waiting for your response.

Kind regards,
Alexia Irakleous
asked Mar 10 by iralexia14 (420 points)

1 Answer

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Yes, you can export the SP data easily from Lighthouse Studio.  Go to Data > Export Data.  Then Add Job and Add a CBC export.  Specify that you want a Single Format CSV file.

You will  have your respondent id for both your SP and RP data and you should be able to merge them easily.
answered Mar 11 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (73,175 points)