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Get Answer from Categorical question

Dear Support,

I have 3 questions ( S12, S13, S14)each is categorical multiple with 2 categories asking about product name and brand name  that has other box  , The respondent has to answer only S12 while S13 and S14 are optional . Now I need to get the answers written in the other boxes of the 3 questions in S15 for the respondent to choose from  them .

How can i do this  ?
asked Mar 12 by Marwa

1 Answer

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If S12, S13 and S14 all share the same parent list then you can just create a constructed list for S15 using the same parent list.

AIC (S12)
AIC (S13)
AIC (S14)

This will give you a list of all the responses from those 3 questions to show your respondent at S15.
answered Mar 12 by Jay Rutherford Gold (31,520 points)