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Custom error message for grid

How do you add a custom error message beyond "A response is required." when someone does not respond to one component of the grid?
asked Mar 20 by kc17 (245 points)
If you go into your grid question and click on the Advanced button (bottom left hand corner) and then click on the "Custom JavaScript Verification" tab, you can insert JavaScript code to control the verification of the respondents answers.

This script can vary from fairly easy to complex, depending on what verification rules you need to apply.

The forum has many examples of JavaScript. You may find your answer there?

You can also force the respondent to answer some / all of the grid items in the settings within your grid question.

You can also modify the error script / warnings by clicking on the Settings button (that's the screwdriver) and then click on the Error Messages tab. Within the Errors window, click on the error you are searching for and modify the error script there.

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