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How do I implement this code into my question?

I have a grid question of radio buttons. 14 rows of  of 5 radio buttons each.  Select one per row or not.  Need only one radio button to continue but may have one in each row.    Do not need to answer each row.  But if they make a mistaken choice.  They cannot fix it.  For example, the radio buttons will not reset going back to the previous question or by re-clicking them.   I saw this code which I think will do the job for me but do not know how to implement it.  Could someone please show me how to implement it if in fact it does fit my problem.
asked Mar 29, 2019 by Mark
I tried adding that script to a grid question and it seemed to be working as Sebastian requested.  What change in behavior are you looking for from that script?
Hi Zackary,

I figured out that you place this code into the Footer of the Grid question and it works great.  Allows you to click on a black radio button(s) to turn it off.

Thanks - great code!

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