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MaxDiff Analysis

I am new to Sawtooth Lighthouse and was wondering if there was an analysis for MaxDiff where we can calculate the number of times an item was selected as best vs number of times it was selected as worst with regards to the number of times seen.
asked Apr 3 by BernieH

1 Answer

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If using MaxDiff within our Lighthouse Studio Platform (the Windows installed version of MaxDiff), this is provided when you download the data to your local machine and within Lighthouse Studio click Analysis + Analysis Manager + Add...  and then make sure the Analysis Type is set to "Counts".  Then, click Run.

But, if you are using our Discover platform for conducting MaxDiff, there is not  similar functionality available there to automatically perform the counts.  You would need to export the raw data (items seen by respondents, and items chosen best and worst) to a .CSV file, open it in Excel, and then write some Excel Formulas there to count these up.  Or, read the .CSV file into something similar such as R, SPSS, Python, etc. and perform the counting analysis.

To export the raw MaxDiff data from Discover's MaxDiff program, click More from the main menu, then click the Advanced Export tab, then click Export MaxDiff Design and Choices.
answered Apr 3 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (163,315 points)