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Skip based on a question within a double loop

I have 4 questions (Q10 to Q13)  which are looped up to 4 times from a brandlist of 106 brands.
Q10 which  is a 5 point scale is also looped for 15 attributes.
So  for example my data for Brand 106 at Q10 attribute 11 would be stored in Q10.106.11
I need to skip Q11 for each iteration where attribute 11 at Q10 is greater than 2. Was hoping to use a skip such as 'Q10.Loopiteration(BrandLoop).11>2'
but can't get this to work. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
asked Apr 5 by PaulKallis Bronze (1,005 points)
As Q10 is a rating question with 5 point scale, I suppose the variable would be something as Q10_rownumber.Loopiteration(BrandLoop).11

Check the admin module for variable name properly and use it accordingly to write the skip logic.

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