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Should I test essential attributes or attributes product team is interested in?

We are designing a conjoint study for an instrument. What most users care about are throughput, technology, accuracy, etc. The product team has already made the decisions on these key attributes, and they just want to know the design attributes like size of the screen, or color of the instrument.

In this case, is it best practice to JUST test design attributes and providing the key attributes in front as background?
asked Apr 8 by Xiaowen

1 Answer

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In a case like this I usually show respondents a brief paragraph showing all the attributes that are already decided and then just put the ones the product team wants to study into the conjoint as attributes.  That way respondents have all the information they need but the study is tightly focused on the data that can inform marketing decision making.
answered Apr 8 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (74,725 points)
Thanks Keith. The problem is we can't run any market simulation to mimic the real market because none of the key attributes can be varied/adjusted to fit different vendors' products.

If your objective is to get market shares and such, then you need all the important attributes that drive choice.  If you just want to advise marketing about the lesser design attributes, then you can just include those in your experiment and you can let respondents know all the other attributes are fixed/constant.  Your objectives should drive how you make these decisions as different objectives will have different solutions.
Thanks Keith, that's very helpful.