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Grid question with open text

We constantly run into this issue at the office where we have questions that would mostly be suitable for grid formats, but that also have a other(specify) option. The way sawtooth seems to handle is that it puts only one text box in either the column or the row, as opposed to putting a text box in each row of a column for example.
As a result, we often spend far more time than we should making separate multiple choice questions as opposed to one big grid.
From my understanding, you can program a free form questions using HTML to allow for a combination of radio boxes and open text. Sadly, nobody in the office is familiar with HTML or programming in general. Would any of you be able to kind show me a sample code of what this kind of question would look like that we could use in the future or at least that would form the basis of me learning to make one myself?

Many thanks
asked Sep 27, 2019 by Claw812 (120 points)
One option I have seen people do before is create two grid questions, then use JavaScript to merge them into one.  This could be an option for you, but I'm not sure there's a one-size-fits-all code that I could offer.  The exact code is going to depend on whether the grid is row-based or column-based, radio buttons or checkboxes, which items are meant to have other specify text, and whether or not there's special question behavior intended between the first grid question's inputs and the second grid question's textboxes.

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