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Putting a linebreak/space in a codeframe


Got a survey where we are asking about languages.  So there are a lot of options.  I'm thinking of putting the most probable languages for each region at the top and other not so probable after those.

I'm picturing it almost like it's two questions (like, a row or so of space between the probables and the possibles) but still displayed in three or four columns on a PC).  Does that make sense?

It's multiple, so the usual rules for multi select in place.

Any ideas anyone?  Would (obviously) need to look OK on a mobile device as well.
asked Nov 22, 2019 by Marion Bronze (3,770 points)
Marion, what about using the Sub-headers question from the Question Library. You can insert a blank row or a <hr> tag as the sub header description. Will that work for you? I've used it before in a similar fashion. And it looked fine on a mobile device too.
Thanks, Paul - I'll try it out.
Let me know how it goes. Thanks.
Cheers.  Client has changed their mind on what they want.  Will still give this a whirl - could be useful in the future.  We are overdue for a chat!

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Call anytime. Looking forward to a chat. Paul.
answered Nov 24, 2019 by Paul Moon Platinum (81,475 points)