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Required information for Bayesian Tests for HB Estimation


I wanted to ask about how to get the files containing the successive estimates of alpha & beta from the software in order to perform the Bayesian Tests for HB Estimation such Confidence Intervals and significance of attributes and levels?? or are they automatically reported somehow and I did not know where to look for them?

asked Dec 24, 2019 by AMYN Bronze (2,115 points)

1 Answer

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In Lighthouse Studio, you can request these under the settings menu (the little gear icon) and the Advanced Output Options sub-menu.
answered Dec 24, 2019 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (85,325 points)
I tried to find this "advanced output options" sub-menu in the Analysis Manager screen, but I could not. I tried both before running the analysis and after the run has finished but the menus are both the same.
There are only [Respondent ID, Respondent Filter, Sets to Include, Constraints, Anchored Scaling, Advanced (under it I can only choose to add Covariates), Settings (general settings  for iteration numbers, Advanced Settings specifying Prior degrees of freedom, Variance, Random starting seed & Responses to include)
On the MaxDiff Reporting, the gear icon only gives options to which type of the 3 scores I want to export.
Sorry about that, my instructions assumed you were using Lighthouse Studio.  If you are using CBC/HB, then select Settings and click the "Save random draws" checkbox.
I am using Lighthouse Studio :( I sent the same question to the support a short time ago as I am not sure f there is a problem with the version I am using or what ??
My licence is only for using Lighthouse Studio and the online programs (discover and MaxDiff simulator) and not any other programs.