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Restrict rows in grid question based on grid selections

Hi -- I'm trying to have my respondents select only 1 choice in 4 baskets of goods (e.g., 3 soda choices at 3 different prices, choose 1; 3 chips choices at 3 different prices, choose 1). I want to show all the options of all 4 baskets in the same page so that I can show a total spend amount at the bottom based on selections.

But I need to restrict choices - so if user chooses Soda A, then Soda B and C gets greyed out and cannot be selected.

Any tips on how to do that?

Thanks in advance!
asked Mar 18 by avatticus (120 points)
How have you set up your grid question so far?  Is it row or column based?  Are you using checkboxes?  Is there a reason you can't use radio buttons to handle restricted input?
Thanks! It is row-based right now. All the options in rows and yes/no radio buttons as columns. I'm not sure how to use radio restrictions on the rows themselves, based on selections in the rows (if that makes sense)
So Soda A, B, and C are three different rows and you want to disable the first column option of all of them but the one that is selected?  That could be done, but I wonder if this would feel more natural as a page with a few radio select questions on it rather than as a grid question.  Thoughts?
Yes - great point, we toyed with that. But basically the respondent can also choose no soda and just choose just Chip A and Dessert A and reduce total spend and that only makes sense when they can see all the options of spend.
Would a radio button labelled "none of the above" in each question satisfy that requirement?
Ideally not; would like to basically build it like a menu of choices (with restrictions built in) and not have any other rows.
I see.  Exclusive checkboxes then?

I'm not opposed to writing code for the grid question; I'm just think if separate questions were possible, it would probably be the more clear option for respondents.

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