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display different question text based on previous answers

I would like to know 2 things:
* how i can display different words in a question based on the response of a previous question?
* how can i add calculations in a question based on responses of a previous question?

So for example, i have 4 questions:

1) Do you pay a price per hour or for the service as a whole?
a) price per hour
b) service as a whole

Then in the second and third question, i ask how much they pay per hour or for the service as a whole.

if 1=a
2) how much do you pay per hour?
a) 0-5 euro
b) 5-10 euro
c) 10-15 euro
d) etc.

if 1=b
2) how much do you pay for the service?
a) 0-10 euro
b) 10-20 euro
c) 20-30 euro
d) etc.

In the fourth question, i would like to display different words based on the previous responses in Q1-3:

2) are you willing to pay a higher [add word --> if Q1= a: price per hour / if Q1=b: amount] of [add result of calculation --> if Q1=a: upper limit bracket Q2 + 10% / if Q1=b: upper limit bracket Q2 + 10%] ?

Thanks in advance!

asked Mar 23 by Jeroen
It might be easier to implement your "Q2" with two select questions and skips rather than with dynamic text, especially if you want to show different response options depending on which route the respondent takes.

"Q3" could be done either with some custom script, or by adding extra lists to the questionnaire.  If list1 has the response options to Q2 and list2 has the prices to display in Q3, you could print out the correct text with a script like this:

[% ListLabel(list2, Q2) %]

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