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Hiding attributes only on BYO screen using javascript

I am programming an ACBC study and I want to be able to hide attributes on the first page, but have those attributes then be included on the rest of the pages (screener, choice task). The reason I do not want to use the setting that is already defined in the program is because I would like to still have prices associated with the different levels of the hidden attributes. The setting in Sawtooth will only allow you to hide attributes in the BYO if there is no price associated with those attributes.

So, I wanted to see if anyone knows a way to hide the attributes using javascript on the BYO page. Essentially, the attributes will still be there and we want to default them to the lowest level for those attributes, but the respondent will not actually be able to see this happening on the page.

Appreciate any help!
asked Nov 8, 2012 by anonymous
Just a comment on two things:

1) From an analysis perspective, it will seem as though everyone loves the first level of that attribute because it will be chosen 100% of the time in BYO, aka that is the level that everyone wants at that specific price point.  I would imagine if you go ahead with this, you will want to modify the settings of your HB run under the Task Filter tab and turn off that attribute under the BYO section

2) One of the really nifty things about ACBC is how we focus on products based on what your ideal is.  The designer is going to then mostly show concepts with this first level, which probably won't be ideal for at least some respondents.

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I'm on blackberry, can't type comfy, but that's doable. Just use firebug to inspect the byo page nd find the row that you want to hide, then on window.onload set the row to hidden and assign values to dropdown
answered Nov 9, 2012 by Bahadir Ozkurt Gold (16,910 points)