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2 windows open at the same time with unique links


I have the last version of Lighthouse : 9.8.1

I have a problem, when I create unique links :


After the fourth or fifth link clicked, I have 2 windows which open with URL :


The only thing which change is the number of hid_screenwidth.

Could you help me please ?

Thank you,
asked Apr 24 by Virginie
The hidden variables are all set in real time.  For example, if you followed a link and had JavaScript disabled, the link would change to hid_javascript=0.

I'm not sure why the screenwidth would be set to zero unless your windows are getting really small, like they are being tiled one on top of each other or opening minimized or something like that.

When you saying you're clicking links, are you clicking the same link over and over again to open a new browser window each time?  Is there something specifically you are testing?

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