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Other specify in the last column Grid question

I have six rows and four columns. In the first three columns, there are radio buttons, but the last column is other specify column. Is there any way that I can add text boxes to the 'other specify' column where respondents would be able to write something if they select 'other specify' option.
asked May 6 by Fayyaz
Hi Fayyaz,

You can follow the below steps.
1) Create a grid with four columns and 6 rows as row wise with single select
2)In the same page add another grid question with row wise and question type as open-end with single line response. Use the same row constructed for both questions
3) You can use JS/JQuery to hide the radio buttons in last column and show the other specify from 2nd question into 1st question.
4) in this case, you can write the validation manually.

I have suggested this approach hoping that you are familar in using JS/JQuery

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