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Not applicable

Hi there,

In my questionairre I ask respondents to fill in their salary (numeric). However I want to give them the option to not fill in this number. I downloaded the 'not applicable per question' so respondents can click this checkbox when they for example do not earn a salary. However I do not see how it is possible to disable the numeric field if a respondent selected the 'not applicable' box.

I hope you can help me with this question!
asked May 14 by RozitaB
That should be the default behavior of "Not Applicable."  Have you included "Better Lighthouse Library" as well?
Hi Zachary,

I did import the Better Lighthouse library in lighthouse. Do I also have to import this in my questionairre in order to make it work?
Yes, this question does require "Better Lighthouse Library."  You can add a copy of BLL to the same page as your numeric question, or copy-and-paste the code from BLL to your survey's HTML head to make the code apply to the whole questionnaire.
Hi Zachary,

I did both bit it still doesn't seem to work.
Are there specific options I need to check in the 'not applicable question'?

I hope you can help me with this!
There are instructions on the page for "Not Applicable."  You could double-check that those are correct in your questionnaire.

If that doesn't reveal a problem, you could share your study with support@sawtoothsoftware.com and one of our support team could take a look.

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