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Sawtooth error #223 (save error trying to test & publish a survey) how do i fix this

trying to do a CBC analysis survey but keep getting error #223 when trying to preview survey and publish it, how do i fix this?
asked May 20 by anonymous
Is this in the online Discover platform or the installed Lighthouse Studio platform?
Online discover platform
What's the full error say if you go into Data and then click on the Survey Admin link and view the log there?
I just made another survey and it seems to work, how do i change from the demo version to full version as I am a uni student? thanks for your help
You'll need to be added to a valid academic subscription. Typically there is a main administrator who manages access at a university and can either manually add you or provide you with an access link so you can add yourself.  If your university does not have a current subscription, we have a grant program you can apply for if you are working on a graduate degree: https://sawtoothsoftware.com/academics/grants
All sorted, thanks for your help :)

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