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Grid question


So I have a grid that has from 2 -13 coloums dempending on what the respondent answer in a previous question. So in the previous question, I have 13 pictures of logos that they can choose (multipe choise). So in the grid you then get the pictures that you chose in the previous question.

The problem is that the size of these pictures change in the grid - if the respondent chose 4 (the size is okey), but all 13 then the pictures get really small.  Is there some way to get around this?

Thank you,

asked May 20 by Line
There are perhaps a few options you could apply.

One option would be to modify the question code so that the images still display at their original size in the grid question.  This could result in the grid question becoming really big and maybe an eye sore.

Another option would be to show the smaller images, but then allow respondents to click on them to see larger versions of the images.  There are some third-party JavaScript tools that could help in implementing this.

Or a third option might be to rethink how this question works.  Does it really need to be a grid question, or could this potentially be split up into a handful of select questions?
Yes, I think I might do a split up actually.

Thank you Zachary :)

Best, Line

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