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Deciding if a covariate is useful or not


I am analyzing CBC HB data and I am trying a combination of 3 covariates to improve the model. for each of the 8 models ( 1 without covariates & 7 of the different combinations) I have calculated the aggregate RLH and percentage of levels that are 90% of the times positive or negative during the used iterations. the results are as follows and I am not sure if (Comorb+Calm) would be the best choice or not. Note that the S.E. increases as the number of covariate levels increase. Am I missing more information to decide?.

                             RLH*100    covariate levels    Max. # affected levels/covariate levels (affected intercepts)
No covariates    72.99%      Ref.                            Ref.
Comorbid            73.6%             1                                    4/1 (-ve & +ve equal) (13)
Importance    73.7%             1                                    4/1 (-ve & +ve equal) (15)
Calm death    76.3%             4                                    26/4 (-ve) (9)
Comorb+Impt    74.24%             2                                    9/2 (-ve) (13)
Comorb+Calm    79.3%             5                                    31/5 (-ve) (8)
Import+Calm    78.8%             5                                    30/5 (+ve) (8)
All 3                    80.2%             6                                    25/6 (-ve) (5)
asked May 22 by AMYN Bronze (2,980 points)

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