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Manual upload in Version 8.2.

The manual upload function disappeared in version 8.2. The help program says that there is a tab in the web server management but for whatever reason it is not here. How do I get this, do I oversee something? Please help!
asked Mar 1, 2013 by anonymous

2 Answers

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What kind of license do you have?

New academic lab subscription licenses (non-research) do not have this feature.
answered Mar 1, 2013 by Mike Lodder Gold (23,395 points)
edited Mar 1, 2013 by Mike Lodder
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You can see 'Prepare for Manual Upload" inside the field tab ( Under Web Server Management).

Let me know if you are not getting this?
answered Mar 1, 2013 by Rajesh Rana Gold (24,015 points)
no, that's exactly the problem... this tab is missing for whatever reason...