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Can Advance Design Module use in SSI web version 7?

I have tried to make CBC Advance Design Module with SSI web ver. 7. But, I found that one attribute only consist of 15 levels and I choose to use full profile.. In Advance Design Module I read, with Advance Design Module it can support almost over 254 levels..
So, it is because I use full profile not partial profile? If I used partial profile, it must have at least 3 attributes, I only have two attribute ; price and brand (picture)
or I must uptade SSI web with new version?
It makes me really confused

Thank you
asked Mar 11, 2013 by anonymous
Could you perhaps restate your question?  Are you saying you have an Advanced Design Module license but cannot have more than 15 levels?  Or is your question that you are confused why you have to have 3 attributes for partial profile exercises?
Sorry, I will explain
I have been installed SSI web ver 7.0 and I tried use Advance Design Module on it. But, the attribute cannot excess more than 15 levels.. I'm not sure I have Advance Design Module license yet, because I've download SSI web immediately from sawtoothsofware.com

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All CBC capabilities are contained in the software.  When you purchase a license, the relevant capabilities become unlocked.  If you have a CBC license, you can create CBC exercises as part of your surveys.  If you have a CBC license and the Advanced Design Module license, you should be able to create CBC exercises that exceed 10 attributes and 15 levels per attribute.  Check your licenses by going to Help -> About in the software.
answered Mar 18, 2013 by Brian McEwan Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (41,270 points)
So, if I've downloaded SSI web ver 7.0 for academic, the level of attribute maximum 15, right?
thank you
Yes, the Academic Lab License restricts you to 10 attributes and 15 levels each, though you still get some of the design capabilities of the ADM, such as alternative-specific designs.  The Academic Research License includes the larger sizes of each license and does not restrict you to 250 respondents for analysis.