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Using DreamWeaver for CSS

I'm using Dreamweaver to modify styles, it works fine editing the CSS code and updating the style.  I would like to be able to show the design view in Dreamweaver (so that I can either see the graphical updates my code changes make, or make changes using the design view and see the code that is updated) however I can not get the design view to show in Dreamweaver.

Is anyone out there using Dreamweaver to edit/create CSS for Sawtooth styles?  If so, are you able to utilize design view?  I'm wondering if the html code has to be loaded as well in order to use it, and if so - what is the best way to go about this.  I'm new to Sawtooth and Dreamweaver.

asked Apr 9, 2013 by lcronk (150 points)
retagged Apr 9, 2013 by Walter Williams

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Leah, the surveys generated with SSI Web are dynamically generated by the SSI Web software when it is uploaded to your server. This prohibits you from accessing the HTML source of these pages which is required within Dreamweaver. If you are testing a survey for layout purposes, and want to play with the CSS, then you can do that in two ways.

First, you can copy a page from the survey by testing out the survey on your local computer, viewing the source in a web browser, copying that source code (along with the included CSS files, if any) into a new Dreamweaver HTML document, then edit the document within Dreamweaver. Then, once you've tweaked the CSS, you can add the modified CSS to your Survey Settings>Headers and Footers>HTML Head Tag section within SSI Web.

Second, and this is my preferred way of modifying CSS on the fly, is to use a browser helper plug-in such as Firebug for Firefox. This will allow you to view and modify CSS code of any webpage on the fly. Of course, any changes you make with this software won't be saved, since you are only viewing a page not editing it. You will then have to reflect those changes in the CSS of your survey by modifying the style or copying the modified CSS to your Survey Settings>Headers and Footers>HTML Head Tag section within SSI Web.

Hope that helps!
answered Apr 15, 2013 by Nathan Bryce Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (9,380 points)
selected Dec 2, 2013 by Rajesh Rana