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Batch MaxDiff scores computation in SSI Web


We are currently having a 16-country project with MaxDiff.
All the countries use the same questionnaire template and all the 16 MaxDiff designs are identical (using the same design file).

Soon I'll have to compute the scores, and it is to be done on a country level, so I started thinking about ways to automate the scores computation process.

I'd like to run the computation in SSI Web in order to not deal with HB utilities rescaling.

Could you please tell me if there's a way to program a batch estimation in SSI Web? Does SSI Web have an API library at public disposal?

I've tried to solve it using AutoIt script, but it seems impossible to interact with SSI Web controls, and now I see the only way to program it as a series of mouse clicks on the main window.

Could anyone offer a smarter way, I would highly appreciate that!

Thanks a lot,
Igor Gusev
asked May 14, 2013 by anonymous
retagged May 14, 2013 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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1. Combine all countries together, add "Country" variable and use it in covariates - if you are assuming that countries are more or less similar
2. SSI uses just one core. So, you can run 4 models simultaneously on i5 (for example).
answered Feb 11, 2014 by Sergei Kornev