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How to give back pass-in fields

I can't recall a Parameter that was passed in by the entrylink.
What I did:
1. entrylink:  http://nameoftheurl.html?subsid=10123 (The number will be given by the Panel Provider)
2. At start page I defined a pass-in field: subsid (number)
3. Firefox plugin httpfox shows when I enter the entrylink: Parameter: subsid; value: 10123
(The weird thing is: when I download the data, no enty of subsid nor 10123 can be found in the Excel-Sheet!!!)

The problem is, I can't recall the pass-in field (subsid). I tried a text/filler question with [%subsid%] it stays blank!?!

My Redirect looks like: https://redirecttopanelprovider.asp?status=1&subsid=[%subsid%]
But the value of subsid will not be attached :-(

The movie on your Webpage doesn't Show exactly how the ID that comes in from the entrylink is stored and how it it given back. I'm googleling for 1,5 days every Google and sawtooth entry but can't solve the Problem. I'm using SSI 7.
Thank you in advance, every hint is appreciated.
asked Jun 14, 2013 by christian (120 points)
edited Jun 14, 2013 by christian
Hi Christian

I have exactly the same problem. How did you resolve this issue?


1 Answer

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Your link going into SSI Web is not correct.  Please see the help file at https://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/support/issues/ssiweb/online_help/index.html?hid_web_oneclick.htm or view the video at https://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/support/issues/ssiweb/help_movies/pass_in_info.htm and look to see how the link changes from login.html to ciwweb.pl.
answered Jun 14, 2013 by Brian McEwan Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (41,270 points)
I would like to view these links, but the are not valid.  Can someone please post the new links to this content?
Hi Lucian, I think I replied to your support e-mail that Bruce forwarded, but here is the updated link: https://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/help/lighthouse-studio/manual/index.html?hid_web_oneclick.html