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What is Error #0 ?

The full error message reads:
Error #0 - Found Null character in the %in hash. Key: tvTillagg_fake Value: 23 | 25

tvTillagg is a free format question involving perl and javascript. "_fake" is a checkbox type variable that doesn't really need to be recorded (I have hidden inputs for that).

I'd like to know what this error means and if there's anything I need to worry about. As it is now, I have to check (and delete) the error log every now and then to prevent missing out on the "real" errors.

asked Aug 20, 2013 by Kempe (120 points)
retagged Aug 20, 2013 by Walter Williams

2 Answers

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Got this when I had duplicate hidden HTML input elements, one output by Perl and the other in the HTML.
answered Jan 7, 2014 by Nolan Kaplan Bronze (4,090 points)
moved Jan 7, 2014 by Walter Williams
I too am getting this error, have not seen it before.  I am trying to find out what it means...
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I heard back from SSI and quickly fixed my problem:

"You get that error message when two different values are being submitted for the same field...When this happens the software gets confused and ends up keeping the first value and throwing out the second value...Typically we will see this error when a free format question has not been set up correctly (i.e. two input fields have the same name), or if you are passing in multiple values to a pass-in field."
answered Jan 29, 2014 by anonymous