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SSI Web 7 and exporting to pdf

Hi All,

not sure if any has experienced this but when exporting the print study to pdf an error occured :

"Could not start conversion. Data transmit error. Could not transmit data. Error code : 0"

Im using SSI Web 7.0.30 but   have recently moved to Win7 and this problem appeared.  
Adobe Reader is updated to the latest version : 11.0 and Im able to open other pdf files without any problem.

Would be gratefull for any advice,

asked Oct 4, 2013 by Robert

The text of the error message makes me believe this is an issue related to creating the .pdf file, and not a problem with Adobe Reader.  We'll look into finding an answer.  Email Sawtooth Software support directly and we will help determine if it is a setup, installation, or permissions issue on your machine.

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