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Same IP address - is it possible ?

Hi All,

we are currently conducting a  web based study in Japan through our new local partner.  
I've just checked the data and there is something strange I noticed.  All respondents -
complete and incomplete got the same IP address, the same operating system and the same browser
:    Windows NT 6.3    Netscape 5.0.  We ve been doing internet surveys for years but this is the first time
I meet such a situation. There are so far 20 completes and 9 incompletes and all got the same details as above. Can someone explain it to me before I start to be suspicious ?
asked Jan 28, 2014 by robson Bronze (750 points)
retagged Jan 28, 2014 by Walter Williams

2 Answers

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Is this business sample? Might be coming from same company. Another reason is they are conducting this study on one place for each respondents.

We can have same ip sometime as static vs dynamic IP allocation. All can not be same if they are doing online interviewing.

Now look for other expert's suggestion on this.
answered Jan 28, 2014 by Rajesh Rana Gold (24,000 points)
Hi ,
yes this is business sample (from the local new partner)  but we were informed their respondents do survey itself  and are from different places. Actually locations should be distant sometimes over 1k km.
Actually if they are taking survey from same company location. IP comes same most of the time. You should cross check with them to confirm the things.
The common IP address can happen if they are using an internal proxy or specialty firewall which routes all internal traffic out of a single connection.

If the business also provisions their systems with a common OS and browser, then you would expect the user agents to be the same as well.

However, you should check with them to see that this is the case.
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Could it be that this is the IP address to your web host company?

Do you host this particular survey at your regular host or at another place?

We always have the same IP on all respondents and it points to our web host.
answered Jan 28, 2014 by Ola Blissing Bronze (1,050 points)
no we host this survey on our own server and share  a link + set of passwords with this separate company.