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ACBC: Hide Summed Prices in BYO screen

I would like to be able to hide the prices shown on the ACBC BYO screen.  I am currently using a summed pricing attribute which sums up prices from 3 other attributes.

Is it possible to hide the prices on the right hand side column as well as the prices that show up next to each attribute level?

I want to keep the prices as levels for the following sections, but hide it in the initial BYO screen so that it doesn't bias the respondent's choices upfront.
asked Nov 10, 2014 by kzheng (125 points)

1 Answer

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Be VERY careful about hiding prices shown in the BYO screen!  Even if you pull CSS tricks to hide the text, the software records in the data file the information from the level-based prices for utility estimation.  That means that for utility estimation, ACBC believes that attributes (with attached level prices) shown in the BYO had respondents trading off their preferences for those levels vs. the additional increases in price for getting those levels.

So, if you pull tricks like hiding the level-based prices in the BYO screen, you'll need to export the ACBC data to a .CHO file afterward and modify the BYO questions in the .CHO file to make it reflect what the respondent actually had seen on the screen.  Otherwise, the estimated utilities will be biased.
answered Nov 10, 2014 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (162,715 points)
Thanks for the quick response Bryan.

We wanted to experiment with hiding the prices on the BYO screen because we ran a similar survey in the past where we had shown the prices on the BYO screen.  For that survey, our utilities showed that the mid-priced attribute level typically had the highest utility.  This did not make sense for the utilities we tested such as internet speed where a higher speed should have higher utility than a medium speed.

The hypothesis that we want to test is that by showing the prices, respondents are more inclined to select the middle price item.  Instead of selecting based on the attribute level alone, they are strongly influenced by the prices shown and default to the average or middle price when they are unsure.