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Ci3 is there a column limit when exporting data into Survey System

I have coded my open end data in Ci3 and trying to export into Survey System. Something I have done for decades (literally) with no problems - ever. However, now when I export my data file I have a bunch of zeros and blanks in the Survey System file. Is there a column limit for the data I can export? My layout file has 2655 columns.  It seems when I exclude the coded open end variables I am getting some data to show in Survey System.
asked Feb 23, 2012 by anonymous
retagged Sep 13, 2012 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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Double check your field widths (sometimes I've had variables get exported as a '0' but then when I've increased the width well beyond the longest response the data has shown up (i.e.  a variable with 2 characters and I've had to set the width at 15 for the data to show).  I do have a recollection of running into a size issue in the past but I can't remember which one for me to reference.  My suggestion would be to export it in two pieces and then merge the two datasets.  I think I have had to do that before.
answered Feb 23, 2012 by Jay Rutherford Gold (35,355 points)
I have had this same experience when using both numeric data and verbatims in Survey System. Without verbatims, the data exports from Ci2, Remark and other systems into the intended, designated columns. With verbatims included in the data file, the data may not be in the intended columns and adjustments will have to be made in the number of responses, usually to expand the number of allowed responses for a multiple choice variable preceding the verbatim. Use View Data File>by Character in Survey System to see where the data really is. This function in Survey System will give you a view of all data.  I scan questionnaires into Gravic Remark Office and include verbatims in the data file and then adjust the columns.  But as Jay suggests, the easiest route is to merge data and verbatims after the export of the two separate files.