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How combine the response data of a CBC with the Choicesets file

I have made a CBC Study with additional Questions to sustainability and Demographie.
Now I habe generated the Utilities with CBC/HB.
But I want also analyse which sets and wich combination of attributes were chosen in relation to the not chosen ones.
So my question ist how can I export or create a datafile for SPSS which combines the Choicesets and the respondents files?
asked May 24, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

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This is feasible, there may be other ways, but I do it by:

-exporting the CBC design file (which includes CBC Version)
-downloading the csv data including  CBC Version and choice data  (+ whatever over data I need) for respondents
-shaping these files into whatever form needed for my stats analysis
-merging them using  CBC Version as the linking variable - that should mean you have respondents' choices and the choice set attributes they saw together, plus characteristics (if you downloaded them)
-there is scope for error in all this - so cross check your results  to check for unexpected differences

answered May 28, 2015 by dan r Bronze (1,600 points)