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Multiple Prohibitions in Advanced Simulation Module?


I am looking for optimal products and am interested whether it is possible to incorporate a three-attribute prohibition within the advanced simulation module (ASM).

If, for instance, my study has three attributes with 4 levels each (1 price attribute), is it possible to incorporate the following prohibitions:

1.) Attribute 1 - Level 1 & Price Attribute - Level 1
2.) Attribute 2 - Level 1 & Price Attribute - Level 1
3.) Attribute 1 - Level 1 and Attribute 2 - Level 1 & Price Attribute - Level 2 ?

I just want to ensure that the optimal product does not exhibit a combination of all favorable attribute levels (here: Level 1) offered at the second lowest price.

Thank you for your help!
asked Jun 11, 2015 by anonymous

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