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Inside title


I have a grid question and must add an inside title. Something like:
Item 1
Item 2
Item 3
Item 1
Item 2
Item 3

I want to hide the buttons for Group1 and Group2. Could you please let me know if there is way to do this, apart from creating two questions.

Thank you very much in advance!
asked Oct 7, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

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answered Oct 7, 2015 by Rajesh Rana Gold (24,015 points)
Thank you , but it doesn't work for a grid question. It works only for a Select Radio button type and for Select check box type choice response questions, even there is shown an error on the top of the page:
SSI_UpdateQuestionErrHash(strVarName, strQuestName, strErrorMessage); }

Do you have something for a GRID (Grid Radio button).