Lighthouse Studio Help

Creating/Opening a Study

A "Study" is a collection of files pertaining to a particular research project.  Lighthouse Studio requires that you place your studies in separate directories (folders) on your local drive.  If your study is named "abcd," a folder called abcd is created and a study file named abcd.ssi is created within that folder:




We suggest that you place your study directory on your device's local drive rather than a shared network drive.  If using a network drive, the performance can be slower and Lighthouse does not support multiple people accessing it at the same time.


To create a new study:


Click File | New Study, browse to the desired directory (or click the Create a New Folder icon) and provide a studyname consisting of twenty-four or fewer characters.  A folder called STUDYNAME is also created, the STUDYNAME.ssi file is placed within that target directory, and the study is opened.


To open an existing study:


Click File | Open Study and if necessary browse to the folder containing the study.  Then click the STUDYNAME.ssi file to open a study previously created.  You may also select a study name from the list of most recently opened studies, available under the File menu, or when browsing folders double-click a STUDYNAME.ssi file.


To copy the current study to a new path or name:


Open an existing study.  Click File | Save Study As....  Browse to the target folder and type a study name that is no more than twenty-four characters.  Lighthouse automatically supplies a .ssi extension to the filename and saves all associated study files (including respondent identifiers, graphics directory, and data) using that naming convention to the target folder.


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