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TEXT (Text Box) (Free Format Question)


Because of the complexities of the Free Format Question type, you must completely test your survey to ensure that it functions properly and that the data for your entire survey are being saved correctly.  


General Information about Free Format Questions


The TEXT (Text Box) variable is used for asking shorter text questions.  Within the Free Format Variable dialog, specify a Free Format Variable with TEXT (Text Box) as the Variable Type.  


Within the HTML editing area, use an <input> HTML tag with the type attribute set to "text."    The easiest way to do this is by using the Free Format Tools button.  When using the Free Format Tools button, Lighthouse Studio automatically provides default HTML with appropriate variable naming conventions.


The name of the Free Format Variable must be the same as the name attribute in your HTML code for the <input> tag (including case).  If desired, you can check the Require Response option and specify the minimum and maximum number of characters you wish the respondent to enter (similar to the TEXTAREA variable) before continuing.


TEXT (Text Box) Example


(The following parameters represent a Free Format Question with one variable defined.)


Free Format Question Name:FF3
Variable Name:FF3_LASTNAME
Variable Type:TEXT (Text Box)
Require Response:(checked)
Error Message String:Last Name
Minimum Characters:2


Example HTML Code:


Last Name: <BR>



*Note: The INPUT tag has a SIZE attribute that determines the size of the text box.  It also has a MAXLENGTH attribute that limits the maximum number of characters that can be typed into the box.  Regardless of the number of characters specified, responses are trimmed to a maximum of 10,000 characters to maintain database integrity.

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