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SELECT (Dropdown) (Free Format Question Type)


Because of the complexities of the Free Format Question type, you must completely test your survey to ensure that it functions properly and that the data for your entire survey are being saved correctly.  


General Information about Free Format Questions


To display a dropdown type input within your Free Format Question, you define a Free Format Variable with SELECT (Dropdown) as the Variable Type.  


Within the HTML editing area, specify a <select> HTML tag in your HTML code.  The easiest way to do this is by using the Free Format Tools button.  When using the Free Format Tools button, Lighthouse Studio automatically provides default HTML with appropriate variable naming conventions.


The name of the Free Format Variable must be the same as the name attribute in your HTML code for the <select> tag (including case).  


Checking Required Response requires a respondent to choose an option other than the first visible default option. Be sure to change the Default_option text between the <option> tags.  Not checking the Required Response allows the respondent to skip this question.


You may optionally change the type of data that are stored by using the drop-down box on the Free Format Variable dialog to change from the default data type (Whole Number) to Decimal or Text.


The MULTIPLE (multiple input list box) attribute is not yet supported in Lighthouse Studio.


SELECT (Dropdown) Example


(The following parameters represent a Free Format Question with one variable defined.)


Free Format Question Name:FF1
Variable Name:FF1_COLOR
Variable Type:SELECT (Dropdown)
Error Message String:Favorite Color
Reject Default Response:(checked)


Example HTML Code:


Please select your favorite color: <BR>








Note that we assigned numeric values to the response options.  This permits you to tabulate responses within the Data Reports in the online administrative module.  If "Require Response" is selected, Lighthouse Studio verification will not let the "Choose One" option to be selected.


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