Lighthouse Studio Help

Get Data


Click Field | Data Manager and the Data Management dialog is displayed.  This dialog offers three tabs:


Get Data

Export Data

View/Edit Data


Select the Get Data tab.


Before you can manage/export/edit data, you need to move any data from a web server or CAPI files into a master data file stored locally on your desktop/laptop.  That process is called Accumulating the data.


Data Source


Web Server  If you are accumulating data from a web server, specify the URL path to the admin.html file.  If you are hosting with Sawtooth Software, you can obtain this URL through your hosting management portal.  This will download the data directly from the admin module and accumulate it into Lighthouse Studio.


Import Study Data Files  If you have a data file stored locally (or CAPI files) that you would like to accumulate to your study, specify the path or browse for that file (or files).


Merge External Data Allows you to merge additional variables and data that were not collected in Lighthouse surveys into your data file.  You are prompted to specify the path or browse to a .csv file.  The first row must contain labels.  Respondent number must be named sys_RespNum.  Variable names must not begin with numbers or contain spaces.  


Paper-and-Pencil Data  MaxDiff and some conjoint methods (CBC, CVA) allow you to specify paper-and-pencil data in a .csv file.  If accumulating paper-and-pencil data, specify the path or browse for that file (or files).


All accumulated data are stored within the studyname_data.db3 database file.

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