Lighthouse Studio Help

Testing/Running the Survey Locally

Once you have composed some questions and specified respondent identifiers, you can test/run your questionnaire locally on your device using the Local Test Server that is installed along with Lighthouse Studio.  Click Test | Test Survey....  


First, your project is checked for errors.


Note:  When testing your study, the first "test" respondent will always receive internal respondent number "1".  Randomizations are seeded by respondent number.  To see different randomizations and conjoint designs, you must take a few surveys.


Caution: We do not recommend using Local Test Server for collecting real data.  It raises the possibility of accidental data loss.  Rather, we recommend you use the Lighthouse Studio CAPI interviewing procedure if collecting data locally on your PC.  


If you are using the demo version of the software, you are limited to a total of 5 completed records (either qualified or disqualified).  The demo software is not to be used for professional research studies.


Test Survey

Click this to test/run your survey using the Local Test Server.


Test Survey Locally with Options...

Click this to test/run your survey, but with the ability to Skip to Question, Show Question Names, Show Variable Names, Use a Specific Internal Respondent Number, Remove all Skip Logic, or Remove Randomization*.


Admin Module...

Click this to run your Admin Module, to view, accumulate or tabulate results for your test study running on your Local Test Server.


Download Data

Click this to download data for your test study running on your Local Test Server.



Click this to Reset your test study. Reset means deleting all data and resetting all identifiers and quotas for your test survey!


* Note: Remove Randomization does not remove all instances of randomization, such as attribute randomization in a conjoint exercise or constructed list logic you have built on your own, etc.




If the survey is not working (Login page cannot be found) you may need to adjust the browser settings.  In Explorer, select Tools | Internet Options | Connections | LAN Settings.  Make sure if you are using a proxy server that you bypass proxy server for local addresses.  


Some corporate LANs have network configurations that do not allow a Local Test Server to work.  Contact your IT department for help.

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