Feature Comparison




Windows-installed app    
Web-based app    
Collaboration (multiple authors)    
Custom CSS    
Custom HTML    
Custom JavaScript/JQuery    
Custom Perl    
Data generator    
Design efficiency tests    
Duplicate questions, lists, logic    
Export/import survey text for easy translation    
Foreign language character support    
Import merged data fields    
Internal/alternate labels    
Lists: Dynamic constructed    
Lists: Predefined    
Looping (loop through a set of questions for each item in a list)    
Media: Display images (.jpg, ,gif, ,png, .svg)    
Media: Play audio from third-party streaming service    
Media: Play video from third-party streaming service    
Multiple questions per page    
Number of survey style templates 12 19
Offline authoring    
Offline previewing and testing    
Online authoring    
Online previewing and testing    
Pass-in variables    
Password access to survey    
Password generator    
Password import    
Piping (displaying/using responses to previous questions)    
Print study to HTML    
Print study to PDF    
Print study to TXT    
Question Library    
Randomize pages    
Randomize response options    
Redirect links    
Response validation (automatic)    
Response validation (custom)    
Script logic (pre- and post-skip)    
Use custom survey style template    
Word Import    
Question types
ACA (Adaptive Conjoint Analysis)    
ACBC (Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint)    
CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint)    
Constant sum    
CVA (Conjoint Value Analysis)    
Free Format (design your own)    
Grid table    
MaxDiff (best-worst item scaling)    
Open-end (fill in the blank, memo)    
Ranking: Drag to container    
Ranking: Drop down boxes    
Ranking: Input boxes    
Ranking: Sort horizontally    
Ranking: Sort vertically    
Select: Check (multiple select)    
Select: Drop down (single select)    
Select: Exclusive (none of the above)    
Select: Other specified    
Select: Radio (single select)    
Semantic differential (radio or slider)    
Terminate (set status, redirect)    
Text (display)    
Admin Module (real-time reports, download, and data management)    
Edit/delete data offline    
Edit/delete data online    
Free hosting on Sawtooth Software servers    
Import data collected via paper-based surveys    
Link to/from other surveys or websites    
Mobile device friendly    
Offline interviewing (CAPI)    
Online interviewing    
Restart a survey at a specific question    
Custom data export    
Export data to CSV    
Export data to Excel    
Export data to SPSS    
Segmentation: Latent class    
Simulator (Excel)    
Simulator (Online)   Add-On Product
Simulator (Windows app)    
Utility estimation: Empirical Bayes (EB)    
Utility estimation: Hierarchical Bayes (HB)    
Utility estimation: Logit    
Utility estimation: Monotone regression    
Utility estimation: OLS (Ordinary Least Squares)    
Discrete Choice Exercise Types
Alternative-specific designs    
Auto transfer utilities to Online Simulator    
Automatic CBC ratings question (level preference)    
Conditional display    
Free Format    
Import/export custom design file    
Interaction search tool    
Number of attributes per exercise 8 up to 250
Number of levels per attribute 15 up to 250
Partial-profile designs    
Shelf-presentation displays    
Anchored scaling    
Auto transfer utilities to MaxDiff Analyzer    
Display respondent's on-the-fly logit scores    
Import/export design file    
Number of items per exercise 30 2000
TURF analysis   Add-On Product
Alternative-specific designs    
Build-your own configurator question    
Calibration tasks    
Choice tournament    
Conditional display    
Display BYO concept    
Display tournament winner    
Interaction search tool    
Merged rows    
Number of attributes per exercise   100
Number of levels per attribute   250
Screening tasks (unacceptables, must haves)    
Calibration tasks    
Conjoint pairs tasks    
Display best/worst attribute levels    
Display most/least important attributes    
Display part-worth utilities    
Importance tasks    
Number of attributes per exercise   up to 30
Number of levels per attribute   15
Ratings questions    
Displays one or two concepts at a time    
Number of attributes per exercise   30
Number of levels per attribute   15
Ranked order    
Rating scales    
Traditional full-profile    
Number of Sawtooth Script functions
ACA 0 20
ACBC 0 19
CBC 2 10
CVA 0 1
Error 5 7
List 0 29
Loop 0 7
Math 11 11
MaxDiff 7 11
Quota Control 0 9
String 7 6
System 32 40