Premium Suite

A Premium Suite is a cost-effective and straightforward approach to using all Sawtooth Software tools and services, including hosting. With this license, users may access the most up-to-date versions and automatically receive software upgrades whenever new features are released. The Premium Suite includes all Sawtooth Software components plus client simulators. It also comes in three sizes for 1-person, 5-person, or 10-person increments.


The Premium Suite gives users within your company access to the latest versions of all of the software listed below for one year (365 days).

  • CBC ADM (Lighthouse Studio's choice-based conjoint module with the Advanced Design Module)
  • ACBC (Lighthouse Studio's adaptive choice-based conjoint module)
  • MBC (analysis of menu-based choice data)
  • ACA 30 (Lighthouse Studio's adaptive conjoint analysis module)
  • CVA (Lighthouse Studio's traditional conjoint analysis module)
  • General Interviewing Unlimited (Lighthouse Studio's general interviewing module)
  • MaxDiff 500 (Lighthouse Studio's best/worst item scaling module)
  • (online MaxDiff market simulator)
  • CBC/HB (stand-alone CBC Hierarchical Bayes software)
  • CBC/Latent Class (stand-alone CBC latent class software)
  • ACA/HB (stand-alone adaptive ACA Hierarchical Bayes software)
  • CVA/HB (stand-alone CVA Hierarchical Bayes software)
  • CCEA (stand-alone software for convergent cluster and ensemble analysis)
  • HB-Reg (stand-alone software for general regression-based modeling)
  • Choice Simulator (market simulation software)
  • CCS (client conjoint desktop simulator)
  • Advanced Simulation Module (adds product optimization searches to Choice Simulator)
  • Online Market Simulator (administrator account)
  • Discover - Web-based application for creating CBC and MaxDiff surveys.

If you also want to use our have five hours of free consulting and 15% off workshops and conferences, you may want to purchase the Premium Suite Plus license.

Lighthouse Studio

Lighthouse Studio is our flagship software for producing and analyzing online and offline surveys. It contains modules for general interviewing, choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice analysis, choice-value analysis, and maxdiff exercises.

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