How to Use Conjoint Analysis for Brand Tracking


October 26, 2023

10:00 am ET

Join Dean Tindall, Director of Client Services at Sawtooth Software Europe, for a 45-minute free webinar on how to use conjoint analysis in brand tracking studies. Brand tracking studies, including measurement of awareness, preference and consideration, are well-known and common in the research community. But few researchers know that conjoint analysis is an excellent tool to gain even more insight into a brand’s value. In fact, several research claims that conjoint ‘share of preference’ is a superior metric to measure customers’ predisposition to buy a brand. It is more stable over time and it provides richer data. The key to measuring a brand’s value is to measure its pricing power – for which conjoint is an great tool. In this free webinar, Dean will discuss how to use conjoint analysis to track a brand’s premium nature, and elasticity at the respondent level and combine methods, such as Key Driver Analysis to gain rich insights about the brand.

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Dean Tindall

Director of Client Services - Europe