Do you have any perceptual mapping software?

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We heard that Sawtooth Software has a perceptual mapping component and I cannot find the price for that module on your website. Please let me know where I can find information about the software specifically and its price.

In 1986, Rich Johnson, the founder of Sawtooth Software, created a product which is now called Composite Product Mapping (CPM). It is used to take data about respondent perceptions and preferences to produce a “product map” which is a graphic representation of the ways people perceive products in terms of underlying attributes as well as an aid in understanding their preferences. About 10 years ago the software was revised to run on Windows computers rather than DOS. While we still sell the software to those who already know about it and ask for it, it is an officially discontinued product. We do not advertise it anymore on our website. We are also unable to provide technical support or training on the software. Therefore, if you have questions about how to use it, I’m afraid you’ll be largely on your own (although we have a few users who may answer your questions in our online User’s Forum.)

Below are links to the two technical papers we have about the software:

CPM comes in three versions, depending on the number of products and variables you want to use:

  • $1500 CPM/10, 10 Products 15 Variables, V.2.0
  • $3000 CPM/30, 30 Products 50 Variables, V.2.0
  • $4000 CPM/90, 90 Products 90 Variables, V.2.0

The software may be downloaded from here: If the software is purchased, we will send you a license to unlock the software for full use. We also have a 60-day return policy if you find that the software is not quite what you want.