Sawtooth Software 2020 European Conference | Virtual Attendance  | September 22–25
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Webinar: SSI Web 9 Product Tour

This webinar demonstrates some of the new features of Sawtooth Software's SSI Web 9 / Lighthouse Studio 9, a product that will be released in January 2016. These features include our new Choice Simulator and CAPI for Windows and CAPI for Android. You will also see some programming examples including how to use the new Drag and Drop feature.

The webinar explains how to upgrade to our subscription services, if you haven't already, so that you can download version 9 upon release. And, all of our subscriptions now come with free survey hosting!


Justin Luster, SSI Web Product Manager
Justin Luster
SSI Web Product Manager

Brian McEwan, Director of Client Services
Brian McEwan
Director of Client Services

Megan Peitz, Ingenuity Ambassador
Megan Peitz
Ingenuity Ambassador

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