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Manual Upload to Server



Lighthouse Studio can automatically upload your project to a server using Field | Hosting Management.  If you want to manage the process yourself, you can manually upload the survey files using FTP software.


Surveys are created using the Lighthouse authoring interface on a local PC. The Lighthouse Studio authoring program saves various files that store the study setup, identifiers, and questionnaire settings.  These study-related files, together with Lighthouse Studio's Perl script files (programs that run the survey), are uploaded to a remote web server.  The data stored on the web server can be managed and retrieved using Lighthouse Studio's Online Administrative Module.


To manually upload your files, use Field | Prepare for Manual Upload....  You will need to specify the survey database information and click Prepare Survey Files.  This will create a the Web Upload folder with all the files necessary to run the survey on the web server.  FTP software can then be used to upload these files to the web server.  After the files have been uploaded, it is critical that you log into the Admin Module to apply any changes to the database (you will be prompted to "Apply Changes" within the Admin Module).


Please see our online documentation at for more information about this.


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