Upload files from Lighthouse Studio

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Create Utilities and Labels Files from Lighthouse Studio


1.After collecting conjoint survey data go to Analysis | Analysis Manager in Lighthouse Studio.  Then create an analysis run.

2.Next click on the gear icon next to Export Utilities and change the Preferred Rescaling Method to Raw. Now click Export Utilities and save the utilities file (*.csv).  When you do this a labels file (*.labels) will also be exported to the same location as your utilities file.

3.You can create an online Conjoint Analysis project by going to https://app.sawtoothsoftware.com.  After creating a project you will be prompted to upload both the labels and the utilities files mentioned in the previous step.


Create Variables and Labels Files from Lighthouse Studio


You may wish to add additional variables to your project from your Lighthouse Studio survey so that you can segment and weight by them. To export survey data from Lighthouse Studio:


1.Go to Field | Data Management.

2.Click on the Export Data tab and then click Add Job.

3.Click Add and then Raw-Data.

4.Click the File Formats button and make sure that Comma Delimited and Export Labels File for Sawtooth Software simulators are selected.

5.Next click the Fields button and make sure any data you would like to export is selected.  After you are finished click OK to close the dialog.

6.Finally click Export Jobs to create a variables (*.csv) file and a labels (*.labels) file.  These files can then be uploaded to your project.

Page link: https://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/help/analysis/manual/index.html?upload-files-from-lighthouse-studio-cbc.html