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Announcing the 2018 Academic Consulting Challenge

Sawtooth Software, together with Cardinal Health and Full Circle Research Co. are pleased to announce the 2018 Sawtooth Software Marketing Analytics Consulting Challenge! We are seeking up to twelve university teams to participate in both phases of the competition (though many more universities may participate in just Phase I of the competition).

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New Advanced Conjoint Analysis Book

In Becoming an Expert in Conjoint Analysis: Choice Modeling for Pros, Sawtooth Software executives Bryan Orme and Keith Chrzan share the practical knowledge that has taken them 50+ years to learn. This is the book they wish had magically fallen out of the sky onto their desks early on in their careers. It is the advanced sequel to the highly-regarded Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis (now in its 3rd edition) by Bryan Orme.

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Introducing Lighthouse Studio 9.4 with Mobile CBC

Over the last several months we have been hard at work giving CBC for Lighthouse Studio a complete visual overhaul. With more and more respondents taking surveys on their mobile devices, we wanted to update CBC to look better and be more intuitive on smaller screens.

Introducing the New Mobile-Friendly CBC!

Mobile CBC

We started by dropping the outdated table layout for a more modern look. On mobile devices respondents can easily swipe through the set of concepts. You can also configure your CBC exercise to arrange concepts vertically instead of horizontally (or even turn off mobile-friendliness altogether).

Large Screens Look Great Too!

We wanted all of your respondents to enjoy this newer look, so we took the new design and applied it to wider screens. Respondents who take CBC surveys on desktops, laptops, and large tablets will see all concepts at a glance.

CBC Desktop

This view is especially customizable. For example, you can place the attribute labels inside or outside the concepts, and the "None" option can appear at the bottom of the task or as the last concept in the set.

Merged Rows in CBC

We're excited to announce that we've added the merged rows feature to CBC. Typically, when an attribute doesn't apply to a product concept, it is simply left blank. This can be distracting and even lead to poor readability. The solution to this problem lies in merging two or more attributes into one row. With merged rows, this . . .

CBC Not Merged. . . becomes this:CBC Merged Rows

There are also many other improvements that we have made, for a full list see the Version History.

This update is free for all those who have a subscription to Lighthouse Studio. Download it today, we hope you will love it!

 Download Lighthouse Studio 9.4

Last Call for Paper Proposals for the Sawtooth Software Conference 2018

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 Sawtooth Software Conference will be held March 7-9, 2018 at Disney's Boardwalk Hotel in Orlando, Florida. This conference is held only once every 18 months. If you are interested in delivering a 25-30 minute presentation and also submitting a written journal-quality paper for publishing in the Conference Proceedings, please respond by July 28 to this call for papers.

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New Website Feature: The Community Question Library

Have you ever wanted to add a star ranking question to your surveys? Or add a calendar pop-up to an open-end data field? Or record the latitude and longitude of a respondent? If you know how to write HTML, JavaScript, or CSS you can certainly add these features to a Lighthouse Studio survey. But what if you aren’t a coder, or don’t know a coder? Well, we have very, very good news for you. We are pleased to introduce the Community Question Library, a new section on the Sawtooth Software website!

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