2017 Sawtooth Software Asia-Pacific Training Event - April 2017

The 2017 Sawtooth Software Asia-Pacific Training Event will be held at in Singapore, on April 19-21, 2017. Whether you are just getting started with CBC/MaxDiff/ACBC or are very experienced, come expand your skills, learn new power tricks, and meet senior Sawtooth Software and SKIM Group staff. We will focus on practical solutions that will make a difference in your consulting practice. You will learn new tools and enhance your skills so you can win new business and delight your clients. This training event comes around only about every three years, so don't miss it!


We are offering two simultaneous tracks for this 3-day event:

  • Track 1: CBC/MaxDiff/ACBC hands-on workshop
  • Track 2: Advanced concepts track

Singapore Marriott Hotel

The courses will be taught by two senior Sawtooth Software staff: Bryan Orme, President of Sawtooth Software and Aaron Hill, Vice President and senior consultant for Sawtooth Analytics. Plus, Jeroen Hardon of SKIM Group will be teaching advanced concepts on April 21.

Place: Singapore Marriott Hotel, 320 Orchard Rd Singapore 238865, +65 6735 5800

Cost: Registration fee US $1,500 for the 3 day training; US $1050 for 2 days.

Track 1

Track 1: CBC/MaxDiff Workshop

Day 1: April 19

(Aaron Hill and Bryan Orme, Instructors)

  • Introduction to conjoint analysis, formulating attributes and levels
  • Best practices / common mistakes for CBC
  • Introduction to Lighthouse Studio platform
  • Interpreting utilities and importances
  • Intro to market simulations
  • Experimental design for CBC, including sample size decisions
  • Programming CBC studies

Day 2: April 20

(Aaron Hill and Bryan Orme, Instructors)

  • Analyzing CBC data (Counts, Logit, Latent Class, HB)
  • Team analysis exercise
  • Conducting market simulations: what-if, sensitivity analysis, demand curves
  • Introduction to product optimization search
  • Intro to alternative-specific designs

Day 3: April 21

(Aaron Hill and Bryan Orme, Instructors)

This session introduces participants to two of our most popular survey strategies: MaxDiff (best/worst item scaling) and Adaptive CBC.

  • Designing, programming, and analyzing MaxDiff experiments
  • MaxDiff Analyzer tool and TURF analysis
  • Benefits and motivation for Adaptive CBC (ACBC)
  • Designing, programming, and analyzing ACBC studies
  • When to use non-adaptive CBC and Adaptive CBC (ACBC)

Track 1 attendees bring their own Laptop PC, as they will be completing questionnaire programming and analysis exercises.