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SKIM/Sawtooth Software Conference - September 2017

SKIM (The Netherlands) and Sawtooth Software (USA) are pleased to announce their 2017 European Conference and Training Event held in Barcelona, Spain! The European event consists of four days of workshops, tutorials, and conference papers. It brings together market research practitioners and academics to learn about and discuss quantitative methods in marketing research.  This event is held every 18 months.




  • Conjoint/Choice Analysis/Menu-Based Choice
  • Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff)
  • Drivers Analysis, Text Mining


  • Bryan Orme, President, Sawtooth Software
  • Keith Chrzan, Senior Vice President, Sawtooth Analytics, Sawtooth Software
  • Aaron Hill, Vice President, Client Services, Sawtooth Software
  • Brian McEwan, Director of Client Services, Sawtooth Software
  • Gary Baker, Executive Vice President, Sawtooth Software
  • Ewa Nowakowska, Head of Data Science, SUPERCRUNCH by GfK
  • Jeroen Hardon, Senior Executive Consultant, SKIM
  • Sophie Zimmermann, Research Manager, SKIM
  • Kees van der Wagt, Senior Research Director, SKIM
  • Stefan Ammerlaan, Senior Research Manager, SKIM

This is not a sales event for Sawtooth Software’s products but a series of practical workshops and conference papers aiming to sharpen your skills and extend your knowledge in marketing science related applications. Whether you use our software or not, you will learn a great deal about the techniques. Some presentations are intended for those just beginning their careers, whereas others assume a higher level and are aimed at the advanced practitioner and academic.